Yeah, it’s almost been a week, and yeah I am still so angry and will be for a long time. I feel like some kind of cosmic joke has been played on me “oh, you want to grow out your hair, well fuck you nope! MULLET!!”

idk what the hairdresser was thinking after being shown a pic and given repeated directions not to take much off, just a trim. I want my goddamn hair back, the 3.5 months worth of hair I had going and probably more to be able to grow out these layers. It was bad enough that I stopped by a haircut chain the next day to get about 1.5 inches off the bottom most layer to get out of mullet territory.

On top of that I had an allergic reaction to the shampoo or products used. It took 3 days of washing to get the smell and feeling out of those products and for me to not feel physically ill over the ordeal…

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Got a handful of new pieces up on my shop! The rest of them need new pictures so it might take a little longer.

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Gummy Bear Ring

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Handmade resin ring by SoulfulStyle on etsy 

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Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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Subtropical plants from the early Eocene, about 52mya. Unearthed from the Fossil Lake site, Wyoming. (at Fossil Butte National Monument)

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Knee deep in my own #artjournaling working on my e-course- no wonder it’s taking so long, I’ve got a lot to say, such a big love of mine by pam garrison on Flickr.

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Art/travel journal from my recent holiday to the US. |Paperampersand